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The world of I: The art of self-mastery
If you would like to understand yourself better and be more in charge of the way you think, feel and react, this is the programme for you. Besides the latest findings on the topics of self-esteem, happiness, personal change, character strengths and creativity, the programme will focus on developing practical competencies and skills that can be used in everyday life.

Self awareness (do you know what your strengths are?)
Self-acceptance (if you don't, who else will?)
Personal change (a challenge for us all)
Self-esteem and self-respect (what is the difference?)
Feelings (what makes us human)
Emotional reactions (what makes us sometimes less than human)
Excitement (do you get easily aroused?)
Moods (what is your state of mind?)
Learning (and remembering!)
Practical reasoning (thinking straight?)
Creativity (not only for artists!)
Beliefs (the scaffoldings of our minds)
Finding inner harmony (dealing with your conflicts)
Stability (relaxation, meditation and more)
Self-regulation (who is in charge?)
Personal development (where are you going?)

Walking on the bright side: The art of living
This category is about how to live to the full without fears, self-doubt, worrying about the future or insecurities. It is also about integrating your life into one continuous whole, about being able to be open and to experience the world, about realising what is important for you and what is not. Throughout your journey, you will look at your own life from different perspectives, finding your own sources of strength and resilience. You will look in your past, future and present and being able to make best of your situation.

Courage (face your fears :))
Confidence (go for it! I will wait behind...)
Worrying & optimism (prepare for the worst, hope for the best)
Security (feeling safe?)
Experience (aliveness)
Openness (too much, too little?)
Interest (it is boring to be bored)
Pleasure (without guilt?)
Relating to death (who wants to talk about it?)
Importance (Setting Priorities)
Attachment (or detachment, or non-attachment?)
Resilience (a tough one)
The Past (the real ghosts)
The Present (come to where you are)
The Future (what do you hope for?)
Life Satisfaction (is your glass a half-full or a half-empty?)

Getting things done: The art of success
This category delivers what it promises to it helps you to explore your desires, set objectives, develop strategies, use motivation to enhance your achievements, balance energy, helps your to organise your work and your life in order to achieve optimal performance and more. For example, how do you know whether your aims are truly yours or conditioned? To what extent are you prepared to take responsibility for what you do? Why time management usually fails? Explore your own meaning of success and how to achieve it with Getting Things Done.

In 2011 we will start with focusing mainly on relationships:

Me and others: The art of relationships
How to communicate with warmth, but without conflicts? How to maintain your individuality through your appearance and behaviour? How to be both dependent and independent? How to make yourself heard and be assertive? How to really listen to and hear the person you are talking to? How to solve tricky interpersonal problems and build relationships that allow you to be truly yourself? What are the keys to long-lasting love relationships? Find the answers to these and many other questions at the Me and Others programme.









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