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The Personal Synthesis Programme (PSP) is a systematic and comprehensive approach to personal development. It focuses on the basic areas of human life, such as confidence, emotions, thinking, coping, motivation, achievement, relationships etc.

This approach has been originally developed in the Institute of Education, University College London for students aged 14+ in educational settings and to date has been implemented in several schools, colleges and charity organisations.  The programme is well validated and researched, has been presented at several conferences and published widely.

Recently, however, the Personal Synthesis approach has made its way into business training and well-being programmes for individuals, enhancing the quality of life of many people. If you would like to learn more about the PSP, you can browse the Personal Synthesis map, education pages, look through the list of articles below or order some of our books.

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The principal problem is no longer the fight with the adversity of nature but the difficulty of understanding ourselves if we want to survive.
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