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CPD for Professionals


We offer two types of CPD: training in facilitation in the Personal Synthesis Programme and one-day training for qualified one-to-one practitioners in using the Personal Consultancy approach. See Timetable and Price List for training dates and prices.

Personal Synthesis Facilitator Training
This training is for those who would like to implement Personal Synthesis Programme as a whole or as a part of other initiatives that are focused on developing personal competencies. No previous qualifications are required, although the training is most suitable for teachers, trainers, coaches, counsellors and other professionals who work with groups. The course equips practitioners with the necessary skills to run a complete Personal Synthesis Programme. The certificate is awarded on the successful completion of the training. We offer a 3-level structure of training:

Level 1: Introduction to Personal Synthesis
The objective: to introduce teachers, parents, governors and educators to the programme and the ways of implementing it in the classroom. A certificate of attendance is rewarded at the end.

Hours: minimum 7 tutored hours, which can be delivered in one day or spread over as many days as convenient.

Content: 1. What is Personal Synthesis?
2. The benefits of Personal Synthesis
3. How the programme can be delivered (various formats)
4. The aim and the content of the programme
5. The structure of the sessions
6. Teaching methods
7. Evaluation and implementation
8. A sample session

Level 2: PSP Practitioner training
The objective: to train teachers and other practitioners to run the programme in educational institutions.

Requirements: Accomplishing level 1 is normally expected, but in some cases the trainees can be exempt from this requirement. As a part of the training, each participant will be running a short session. The level 2 certificate (a registered practitioner) is awarded at this stage.

Hours: minimum 14 tutored hours, spread over as many days as convenient (+ minimum 2 hours preparation for the presentation)

Level 3: PSP Trainer training
The objective: to equip the practitioners to train others in PSP.
Requirements: facilitation of the whole PSP programme (in one block or several modules); use of at least three evaluation methods from the list provided; and presentation of a reflective portfolio on practicing Personal Synthesis.
Hours: minimum 7 tutored hours + time for creating a portfolio.
PSP facilitator training is offered on annual basis. For further information or to book, please contact us on 0845 4589256 or info@personalwellbeingcentre.org

Personal Consultancy CPD Training
We run CPD group training in Personal Consultancy for one-to-one practitioners twice a year. Please note that only qualified coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists or applied psychologists can undergo this training. We also run one-to-one training and supervision in Personal Consultancy. For dates and price please contact the Centre.



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