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Positive Existential Coaching


Coaching is an honest, open, non-judgmental and at times challenging conversation focused on the client’s goals. It is a place and time to ponder, reflect, doubt and understand life better. A coaching relationship will enable you to be more aware of who you are and the possibilities and choices you have in life. In contrast to many therapy approaches to individual work it focuses mainly on the present and future. Working existentially (unique in the field of coaching) means working with or through the client's underlying conflicts and dilemmas acknowledging that a degree of anxiety is inevitable and that life often is a struggle. Positive refers to the science of positive psychology that the approach is making use of. What is right with me is a question that many people often fail to ask themselves. Therefore the approach facilitates learning and development, helps you to establish goals and gain a sense of confidence and control over your life so that you can do or change the things you want and accept those that you cannot influence. 

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Have courage to change what you can, serenity to accept what you can't, and wisdom to know the difference.


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