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Why choose PWBC

Rather than being a generic training organisation, we specialise in programmes for personal development and people-focused skills.

Evidence base
Our programmes are the cutting edge and based on the latest research and theory in the areas of personal development, well-being and positive psychology.

Our facilitators are highly educated professionals who have been providing training for years in their respective areas of expertise.

We have worked with FTSE 100 companies (such as Tate & Lyle), as well as with small and midium size enterprises, so we can tailor training to your specific needs.

Most products that we offer have been developed by our team and tested in practice. We avoid gimmicks and derivative, second-hand techniques.

Competitive prices
We offer excellent value for money, which compares favourably with the prices of many similar providers.

Social purpose
We are a social enterprise with explicit social objectives. Our profits are used to subsidise training of disadvantaged groups who wouldnt be able to afford this otherwise.

What we offer

As your training provider PWBC is dedicated to improving performance and well-being at work environment. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of one to two-day programmes, ranging from resilience and confidence building to enhancing effectiveness and using strengths at work.

How to find us

E-mail: info@personalwellbeingcentre.org
Phone: 0845 4589256

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