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Personal Synthesis

by Nash Popovic

Personal Synthesis is the most comprehensive model of personal development available. Oval Callout: Look inside!All the areas that play a part in everyday life, such as self-awareness, reasoning, confidence, coping, motivation, communicating, relationships and many others, are brought together and organised into a map. The book provides illuminating insights drawn from many sources for each of them. And this is not all. There are also over a hundred practical methods and techniques, from unblocking emotions and conflict resolution to relaxation and meditation. It is an indispensable resource for those who want to be at the helm of their personal lives.

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ISBN: 978-0-9548387-6-9

Personal Synthesis

£12.99 7.99 (save 39%)





Personal Synthesis Programme

by Dr Nash Popovic

This set of 5 booklets (without the students’ handbook ) consists of the guidelines and materials for those who would like to run the programme in educational institutions and other settings. The materials can be used in a systematic way (as a part of PSHE curriculum, for example) or as a reference, when a need to address a particular subject (out of sixty-four included) arises. They are suitable for 14+ pupils, college students and adults.

Please not that hard copes of this set are no longer available. If you are interested in implementing Personal synthesis Programme please contact us and we will porvide the materials especially tailored for the needs of your organisation / institution.

the set of 5 booklets


£27.95 for the whole set

Or buy booklets individually:

ISBN: 978-0-9548387-0-6


Personal Synthesys book cover page

Self category
ISBN: 978-0-9548387-1-3


Personal Synthesys book cover page

Being category
ISBN: 978-0-9548387-2-0


Personal Synthesys book cover page

Doing category
ISBN: 978-0-9548387-3-7


Personal Synthesys book cover page

Social category
ISBN: 978-0-9548387-4-4



Personal Synthesis Programme – students’ handbook

by Nash Popovic

The abridged materials specifically designed for the participants in the programme. Each subject is confined to one A4 page - manageable size for most of students. The space for their own comments and thoughts is also provided.

ISBN: 0-9548387-5-0

Personal Synthesys book cover page
Please see the note above

£9.99 £7.99 (save 20%)






Re-writing the Rules
An integrative guide to love, sex and relationships

By Meg Barker

Rewriting the Rules is a friendly guide through the complicated - and often contradictory - rules of love: the advice that is given about attraction and sex, monogamy and conflict, gender and commitment. It asks questions such as: which to choose from all the rules on offer? Do we stick to the old rules we learnt growing up, or do we try something new and risk being out on our own?

This book considers how the rules are being 'rewritten' in various ways, for example the 'new monogamy', alternative commitment ceremonies, different ways of understanding gender, and new ideas for managing conflict and break-up where economics and child-care make complete separation a problem. In this way Rewriting the Rules gives the power to the reader to find the approach which fits their situation.

For further details please visit: www.rewriting-the-rules.com

ISBN: 978-0-415-51763-8

Rewriting the Rules









By Nash Popovic

Oval Callout: Look inside!

'Threesome' is a contemporary love story and a window into the world of polyamory – the last remaining taboo in our society. Is it possible to be in a loving relationship with more than one person? Can three people love each other without jealousy? How might others, including parents, react? How is a child who has ‘two mums’ affected? What happens when tragedy strikes? The novel creates a mosaic of this unusual relationship through an episodic and fast-paced narrative.


For further details please visit: http://www.threesomebook.info

ISBN: 978-0-9548387-9-9


£7.99 £7.19 (save 10%)






The Synthesis

Three social forces seem to be gaining momentum at present: religious fundamentalism among the affluent (who believe that it can help them preserve their statusOval Callout: Look inside!), religious fundamentalism among the deprived (who believe that it can help them change theirs) and secular relativism (predominantly among those occupying the middle ground). What all of them have in common is self-centredness and self-interest, which is not conducive to developing a global society. This book offers an alternative outlook, based on a shared purpose that could have a unifying power. Our choice at the moment is to live either in a rational but meaningless world, or in a meaningful but irrational world. The Synthesis is an attempt to see the world as both, rational and meaningful. Common sense, science, spirituality and philosophy are combined in a unique way to achieve this aim.

For further details please visit: www.thesynthesis.info

ISBN: 978-0-9548387-7-5

Personal Synthesis

£17.99 £10.79 (save 40%)





Re-energise your relationship 2nd edition

How can you recapture those golden moments when your relationship was new and exciting? Would you both rather now watch the TV or read a good book than talk, cuddle or even kiss? If your roaring fire of a relationship has been reduced to a smoulder and you're beginning to feel stuck in a rut, Re-energise your relationship could be just what you need to help you recapture the magic. In Re-energise your relationshipPeter Cross and Sabina Dosani reveal 52 inspiring and refreshingly practical ideas to help you rekindle that flame to help even the most distant of couples to recapture the rapture. From finding time to be together to rediscovering what makes each other tick in every room in the house not just the bedroom, you will be truly inspired by the ideas in this book and you'll have a lot of fun putting them into practice too.

The second edition of this best-selling title is now even better value: Re-energise your relationship now contains bonus chapters with brand new inspirational tips and techniques, has been updated with our new cover design, and also has an exclusive added-value offer for every reader.

Energise your relationship

ISBN: 978-1-905940-17-2

£12.99 £11.99 (save 8%)






Positive Psychology in a Nutshell

by Ilona Boniwell

When you hear the words ‘positive psychology’ or ‘science of well-being’, do you wonder whatOval Callout: Look inside! it’s all about? Discover the latest research findings and thinking on the topics of happiness, flow, optimism, motivation, character strengths, love and more. The book provides a breadth of information about positive psychology with a pinch of critical commentary. It is written in an accessible and engaging style with light-hearted illustrations.

“The best general introduction to positive psychology available.”
Dr Alex Linley, University of Leicester

For independent reviews visit

ISBN: 978-0-9548387-8-2

Positive Psychology

Out of print






Transform your life 2nd edition

Penny Ferguson's story is an amazing one. Abandoned as a baby, teased and bullied at school, emotionally and physically destroyed by not one, not two, but three abusive marriages, she found herself on the cusp of fifty, broke, alone, and in despair. Taking stock of her circumstances, she resolved to turn her life around, to break the patterns that had governed her life so far, and to stop wasting her life. In order to change her life, she had to change herself. Penny succeeded in her aims, and is now a successful and happy leadership and team building consultant. Over ten thousand people have attended training courses run by Penny Ferguson Ltd., with an amazing proportion of attendees attesting that they have experienced real change in their lives for the better as a direct result. Transform your life encapsulates the life-changing ideas Penny has passed on to people through her consultancy and training courses. It can inspire you to work out a vision for your personal and business life, and set out clearly an action plan to achieve it.

The second edition of this best-selling title is now even better value: Transform your life now contains bonus chapters with brand new inspirational tips and techniques, has been updated with our new cover design, and also has an exclusive added-value offer for every reader.

Personal Synthesys book cover page

ISBN: 978-1-904902-65-2

Not available






Stress proof your life 2nd edition

Stress proof your lifeis for people who struggle to find time for a shower, much less a bath. The ones who worry that stress is affecting their health and relationships. Or they would worry if they weren't so knackered. Some people are really good at avoiding some stresses without realising that they are slaves to another kind. Elisabeth Wilson looks at the sources – occupational, genetic and environmental – and reveals 52 brilliant techniques for creating a stress-free zone. When your batteries are blown and burnout is imminent these top tips can help you regain control.

The second edition of this best-selling title is now even better value: Stress proof your life now contains bonus chapters with brand new inspirational tips and techniques, has been updated with our new cover design, and also has an exclusive added-value offer for every reader.

Personal Synthesys book cover page

ISBN: 978-1-904902-65-2

Not available






The Scots' Crisis of Confidence

by Carol Craig

Why do they often lack confidence in themselves or their country? And why do they often find it so easy to be negative and critical? These are some of the themes Carol Craig explores in The Scots’ Crisis of Confidence. This is a bold, intelligent and important book: it offers a refreshingly different analysis of the big themes in Scottish culture, defines for the first time what it really means to be Scottish and spells out the type of thinking now required if Scotland is to become a vibrant, confident country.

ISBN: 0-9544396-0-0

Out of print











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