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Core Team

Dr Nash Popovic is the programme leader of Postgraduate Certificate in Integrative Counselling and Coaching. He also works as a Personal Consultat in private practice as well as educational consultant (in the area of Personal, Social and Health Education). Nash is the creator of the Personal Synthesis Programme (developed at the Institute of Education, London) and has published and presended extensively. He is a co-author of 'Personal Consultacy: a model for integrating counselling and coaching' (Routledge):

e-mail: nash@personalwellbeingcentre.org

Yannick Jacob is a certified existential coach and accredited mediator with far-stretched interests. He is among the first to complete an MSc programme in Applied Positive Psychology and has been working with the centre on the development and implementation of personal development as a school subject (in conjunction with the University of East London and Haberdashers Askes Federation). He is a personal consultancy practitioner and involved in various personal development programmes.

 e-mail: yjacob@personalwellbeingcentre.org

Debra Jinks has a particular interest in interface between coaching and therapy and is a pioneer in the promotion of integration of the two disciplines. She is also a Director for Integrate Training that provides training and education in the area of coach-therapy integration and Personal Consultancy and is the founding Chair of the Association for Integrative Coach-Therapist Professionals (AICTP). She is a co-author of 'Personal Consultacy: a model for integrating counselling and coaching' (Routledge):

e-mail: debrajinksconsulting@gmail.com

Ruth Shelley is a chartered counselling psychologist with a wide range of experience. She is involved in the counselling, coaching and parenting training work of the Centre, as well as being a Personal Synthesis practitioner.  Her expertise is also community project management and research. www.ruthshelley.com.

e-mail: ruthmshelley@gmail.com.

Nic Malcomson specialises in educating and engaging the public in everyday psychology topics from resilience to relationships. Nic has a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology as well as degrees in philosophy, psychology and Artificial Intelligence. Nic's key focus within the Centre is running Pub Psychology; weekly sessions bringing psychology out of the clinic and ivory tower (academia) to make it relevant and engaging for professionals, students and the general public. Nic has a first career in IT, where it is essential to create real world solutions to practical problems. He brings this approach to his clients in a broad range of domains.

 e-mail: nic@psychologyofselfexpression.com









Let us have the serenity
To accept what cannot be changed.
The courage to change what can be changed,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

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